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August 8, 2019

How to prevent water damage in the summer

It’s finally summer in Toronto, but don’t let the nice weather fool you. Many people assume that during the summer months water damage is not an issue that they need to think about, but don’t let the high temperatures fool you. Water damage can happen at any time in the year and you need to be ready to deal with it…

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July 25, 2017

How fast should you deal with water damage?

Water damage can be very devastating to your home and can cause a lot of damage to the things inside your home, as well as the home itself. Although some of the damage happens instantly, or within a few mintues of being flooded, some damage takes longer to happen and can be avoided if the situation is taken care of quickly and efficiently…

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July 3, 2017

How to best avoid water damage in your condo

Many Canadians are buying condos, either as first time home owners or in order to downsize. Talking with brokers and our customers we have found that water damage is a large concern for condo buyers. In order to help condo owners we have created this guide, with some tips and important information…

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June 20, 2017

How to avoid fire sprinkler water damage

A lot of property owners are worried about their fire sprinkler systems may be falsely triggered and cause serious water damage, this is a very understandable concern. Below we have compiled a few of the potential causes to a false trigger so that you can have some more peace of mind and avoid any possible water damage…

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June 3, 2017

3 Tips to find Roofing Problems

A problem that many homeowners will face at some point in their lives is a leaky roof. It can be very expensive to fix a roof leak, especially in an emergency situation when a crew needs to be on the scene immediately. In most cases, homeowners are not trained to fix roofing problems on their own and must rely on experts to help them during an emergency but even experts sometimes have trouble finding and detecting the source of the leak. In many cases, water will enter in one spot and travel…

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May 15, 2017

Tips to fix low water pressure

One common and very frustrating problem that most homeowners will have to deal with at some point is low water pressure. We rely on water for so many tasks, from simply rinsing our hair to making coffee and it should not be a source of frustration. Luckily there are many ways to fix low water pressure as long as you can find the cause. Below our Emergency Plumbing team has listed a few common causes of low water pressure…

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